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Extends AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\AbstractRequestBuilder

Trait AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Traits\TraitBuildParameters

Table of contents
  1. MobileidInitSigningRequestBuilder
    1. Properties
    2. Methods
      1. public withType(string $type)
      2. public withPhone(string $phone)
      3. public withMessage(string $message)
      4. public withMessageFormat(string $messageFormat)
      5. public withCode(string $code)
      6. public withSignaturePosition(string $signaturePosition)
      7. public withSignaturePage(string $signaturePage)
      8. public withPeps(bool $peps)
      9. public withSanctions(bool $sanctions)
      10. public withPdf(AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files $pdf)
      11. public withAsice(AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files $asice)
      12. public withAdoc(AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files $adoc)
      13. public withBdoc(AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files $bdoc)
      14. public createRequest()


Visibility Type Name Description
protected String type Document format. Possible values: pdf, adoc, bdoc, asice
protected String phone Phone number
protected String message Message to be displayed on phone screen
protected String messageFormat Format of the message which is displayed on the phone screen. Possible values: GSM-7 (default), UCS-2. Max characters count for GSM-7 and UCS-2 is 40 and 20 characters respectively
protected String code Personal code
protected String signaturePosition Position of a visible signature in the document. Possible values: auto, left_top, left_bottom, right_top, right_bottom. default results in invisible signature
protected String signaturePage Page of a visible signature (pdf annotation) in the pdf document. Possible values: first_page, last_page. Default: last_page
protected Boolean peps Whether to check PEPs information
protected Boolean sanctions Whether to check sanctions information
protected AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files pdf PDF files object
protected AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files asice ASICE files object
protected AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files adoc ADOC files object
protected AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files bdoc BDOC files object


public withType(string $type)

returns self

Sets type

public withPhone(string $phone)

returns self

Sets phone

public withMessage(string $message)

returns self

Sets message

public withMessageFormat(string $messageFormat)

returns self

Sets messageFormat

public withCode(string $code)

returns self

Sets code

public withSignaturePosition(string $signaturePosition)

returns self

Sets signaturePosition

public withSignaturePage(string $signaturePage)

returns self

Sets signaturePage

public withPeps(bool $peps)

returns self

Sets peps

public withSanctions(bool $sanctions)

returns self

Sets sanctions

public withPdf(AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files $pdf)

returns self

Sets pdf object

public withAsice(AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files $asice)

returns self

Sets asice Object

public withAdoc(AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files $adoc)

returns self

Sets adoc object

public withBdoc(AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Files $bdoc)

returns self

Sets bdoc object

public createRequest()

returns AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\Model\RequestInterface

Creates and returns AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\Model\RequestInterface to be used with postRequest method.