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Extends AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\AbstractRequestBuilder

Trait AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Traits\TraitBuildParameters

Table of contents
  1. MobileidInitHashSigningRequestBuilder
    1. Properties
    2. Methods
      1. public withHash(string $hash)
      2. public withPhone(string $phone)
      3. public withHashAlgorithm(string $hashAlgorithm)
      4. public withCountry(string $country)
      5. public withMessage(string $message)
      6. public withCode(string $code)
      7. public createRequest()


Visibility Type Name Description
protected String hash Sets the hash to ssign
protected String phone Phone number
protected String hashAlgorithm Hash algorithm. Possible values: SHA256 or SHA512
protected String country Signer’s country code: LT, EE
protected String message Message to be displayed on phone screen
protected String code Personal code


public withHash(string $hash)

returns self

Sets hash

public withPhone(string $phone)

returns self

Sets phone

public withHashAlgorithm(string $hashAlgorithm)

returns self

Sets hashAlgorithm

public withCountry(string $country)

returns self

Sets country

public withMessage(string $message)

returns self

Sets message

public withCode(string $code)

returns self

Sets code

public createRequest()

returns AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\Model\RequestInterface

Creates and returns AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\Model\RequestInterface to be used with postRequest method.