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Extends AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\AbstractRequestBuilder

Trait AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Traits\TraitBuildParameters

Table of contents
  1. IframeTempSigningLinkGenerationRequestBuilder
    1. Properties
    2. Methods
      1. public createRequest()
      2. public withDocumentId(string $documentId)
      3. public withFile(FileUpload $file)
      4. public withCallbackUrl(string $callbackUrl)
      5. public withExpireAfter(int $expireAfter)
      6. public withDeleteDocumentAfter(int $deleteDocumentAfter)
      7. public withSigners(array $signers)


Visibility Type Name Description
protected String documentId UUID of the document
protected String callbackUrl Callback URL
protected Integer expireAfter Expiration period in minutes (default value is 30)
protected Integer deleteDocumentAfter Document removal period in minutes (should not be less than expire_after value)
protected AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\FileUpload file File object
protected Array of AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\RequestBuilder\Partials\Signer signers Array of signers object
protected String language User interface language (‘lt’ or ‘en’)


public createRequest()

returns AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\Model\RequestInterface

Creates and returns AppBundle\GatewaySDKPhp\Model\RequestInterface to be used with postRequest method.

public withDocumentId(string $documentId)

returns self

Sets documentId, UUID of the document

public withFile(FileUpload $file)

returns self

Sets file

public withCallbackUrl(string $callbackUrl)

returns self

Sets callback url

public withExpireAfter(int $expireAfter)

returns self

Sets expires after

public withDeleteDocumentAfter(int $deleteDocumentAfter)

returns self

Sets Document removal period in minutes

public withSigners(array $signers)

returns self

Sets signers for request